Raven           April

I Remember The Day I Lost My Mind

An unspeakable childhood horror places the multifaceted Raven April - best-selling author, millionaire, and serial killer - on the pathway to madness. In his twisted pre-adolescent mind, Raven determines that the only way to end his tortured existence is to eradicate the source.

Four decades later, in a bone chilling, creative manner, he does. You can become privy to the inner workings of a serial killer's mind, and dual personality, by joining Raven and the lovely Lydia on their incredible, globe-crossing journey that finally sets him free.

His freedom is short-lived as Raven discovers he has been cursed with yet an even greater challenge. Love him; cheer him on his last epic battle between good and evil.

"Nelson Trout's portrayal of the mind of a sensitive lad reacting to a gross injustice and turning him into a serial killer is chilling; yet the man-child retains a part of his lovable sensitive nature. Could it happen? Is it Karma? I wonder!"

Taylor Shaye                                                                  Author of "Beyond Forever, Experiences From Past Lives"

Nelson Trout, singer/songwriter has published over 200 songs, with four CDs of his own music. He composed the "official song" of Cumberland County, NJ., and his song, "New Jersey, USA" is under consideration by the state of New Jersey as the official state ballad of the state of New Jersey. 
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Nelson released his first book, "Blood on the Ceiling" in 2012.

Nelson is currently working on the sequel to his second book, "Raven April", titled "Raven Returns".

Be on the look-out for his book of poetry titled, "Scalpel: Poems That Bleed".

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